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Non-local Consciousness

      In 1964, an Irishman named John Stewart Bell developed a mathematical proof that supported a nonphysical part of the universe. This theoretical physicist stated that any model explaining the universe entirely as local or as physical reality is incomplete for it does not include the non-local part. He also stated that there is an interconnectedness to everything in the universe. This proof was called the Bell Theorem and it was verified by many scientific experiments. Larry Dossey, M.D., points this out in his book Recovering the Soul (© 1989 Bantam Books). “Whatever model of reality we wind up with in physics … it must be nonlocal… No local model of reality can explain the type of world we live in …( p. 182).”

Simply put, the Bell theorem proves that there is another reality (non-local), which can be referred to as Spirit, beyond our current, physical (local) reality. Non-local reality interacts with our reality and is the source and cause of the physical existence or reality. The nonphysical part of the universe is the definitive proof that all science was seeking. Bell’s Theorem proves another realm exists that theology has talked about, but was unable to prove in a theoretical or empirical (experimental) sense.

How does the Bell Theorem prove non-local reality?

Now John S. Bell’s intention was to reconcile two schools of thought about quantum mechanics headed by two of the founders of atomic physics—Albert Einstein and Neils Bohr—whose views opposed one another. Each had their interpretation to explain the bizarre, weird behavior of atomic particles.

Neils Bohr, a Danish physicist, founded the Copenhagen interpretation of the quantum theory. He believed that the quantum theory could only describe the interactions of the various subatomic particles by probability or statistical predictions and that this method was complete for it explained all things concerning the phenomena.

The book Dancing Wu Li Masters (© 1979 Quill William Morrow) by Gary Zukav states the purpose of quantum mechanics. “The advantage of following the procedure of quantum mechanics is that it allows us to predict the probabilities of certain results provided our experiment is performed a certain way. The purpose of quantum mechanics is not to predict what actually happens but only to predict the probabilities of various possible results (p. 91).” For example, insurance companies use probability statistics to determine the price of a policy. Probability statistics can predict approximately how many people will die within a certain age group in a certain year, but not who individually will die.

Mr. Bohr pointed out that the indefiniteness of the quantum theory was due to the inherit nature of atoms at the atomic level.

Albert Einstein, who also contributed to quantum theory, criticized the statistical or probabilities’ predictions of quantum mechanics and considered them incomplete. Predictions could only be made when large numbers of subatomic occurrences were studied. Quantum mechanics could not measure one single event just like the insurance companies cannot tell you when one individual will die, but only the number of people likely to die within their age group. Nick Herbert’s book Quantum Reality states that Einstein believed: “Because the quantum theory makes only statistical predictions, it cannot help but leave out certain “elements of reality” which a more adequate theory of the world must include (p. 201).”

Einstein and two of his colleagues, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen, created a problem around 1950 called the EPR paradox named for the first letter in each of their last names, to show the inconstancy in the quantum theory. The Ghost in the Atom edited P. C.W. Davies & J. R. Brown (© 1986 Cambridge University Press) confirmed this experiment. “The purpose of this thought experiment was to expose the profound peculiarities of the quantum description of a physical system extended over a large space (p. 13).” 
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  Greg Braden explains the newest discoveries about the heart -- It doesn't just pump blood, it also creates an electromagnetic wave that effects the quantum field and in doing so, effects the atoms that are the reality we see. If you thought your brain was powerful, you need to watch this video and know that your heart creates 5000 times more EM energy then the brain and 100 times more electrical energy. Ponder that for a while and realize that what you feel and believe actually effects what you see and experience as reality.
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  How to shed your imbedded subconscious fears ..tapping into the subconscious and reprogramming new core beliefs.

We are living in a world in fear. Governments seem obsessed with scaring us and the TV media machine is out of control. Enough is enough and now is the time to get back to our core values and detach from fear.

Many viewers have emailed me asking about what’s happening right now and all I know is the moment of now. Tomorrow hasn’t happen yet so on one really knows what’s going to happen. There are many so called experts out there with hidden agendas who believe they are in the ‘know’ and want to show us the way.

2009 was also a year when many false prophets were exposed. As i have said before, the energies are accelerating our consciousness and all corruption is being flushed to the surface and exposed. Your heart is your best guide and you have to learn to get back to your centre of power and the root of your soul.

I have produced this free video to help you detach from the fear around you and get back to the basics of who you really are… an eternal infinitely powerful creator being in physical form.

Practice this session as often as possible for best results and please share this video with any one you know who is fearful right now.

2012 is going to be an amazing year in our development and i for one am very excited about the change to come. Stay positive, reconnect with your heart and be the change.

Cheers, Dave Childerley


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